Exploring the Rich Culture of London

London is a city that has been shaped by its long and storied history, and is now renowned for its technological preparedness and economic influence. Despite the destruction caused by World War II and the Great Smog of the 1950s, London has continued to develop and prosper. Today, London is a cosmopolitan city with a seemingly endless variety of architectural styles, museums, languages and cuisines. As Dr.

Samuel Johnson famously said in the 18th century, “when someone is tired of London, they are tired of life”. London is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, contributing to its vibrant energy and a wonderfully diverse culinary scene. People in London tend to be very open and curious about different countries and cultures. Living in London provides an opportunity to learn more about British culture, as well as work with people from all over the world.

British work culture is known for its hardworking attitude, but also for knowing when to call it a day. For more than 55 years, millions of students have been traveling abroad with us to learn a language and immerse themselves in a new culture. The history of London dates back to the Romans, who founded a port and trading settlement called Londinium in the first century AD. As the power of its royal dynasties and its mercantile economy grew, London expanded in size and began to flourish.

Today, it is a hub for international business and provides an ideal setting for people to immerse themselves in a completely new culture. As the seat of the United Kingdom's government, the British monarchy and the center of commerce, you'll also discover that London is rich in traditions and ceremonies. Fortunately, London is very well connected and has one of the best transport systems in the world. However, living in the center of this huge city can be expensive; due to both factors, it's very common to have half an hour or more of a trip to work.

If you're considering relocating to London and looking for employment there, here are some important things to know about the work culture:.

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