22 Reasons to Visit London, the Cultural Capital of the UK

London, the capital of the United Kingdom, is a bustling metropolis on the banks of the River Thames with 32 districts, more than 2000 churches, 270 subway stations, 9 palaces, 4 castles and a staggering 9 million people. It is one of the world's main business centers, known for its technological preparedness and economic influence, as well as for attracting the largest amount of foreign investment than any other city in the world. London culture refers to the music, museums, festivals, and lifestyle of this great city. Here are 22 main cultural things you have to do in London that will make your visit unforgettable.

A classic and home to British art from 1500 to the present day, Tate Britain never ceases to surprise with its beautiful galleries and permanent and temporary exhibitions. It's a good museum and it never disappoints. The Pentagram design studio “will dazzle the creative studio of V&A” during the London Design Festival (September 15-23), as the culmination of the Dazzle Ship series, jointly commissioned by 14-18 NOW, the United Kingdom's art program for the 100th anniversary of the First World War, and the Liverpool Biennial. The space will also feature a film produced by HENI Talks, presented by the art historian, Dr.

James Fox, explaining the surprising links between military art and modern art. With the recent resurgence in the popularity of vinyl, it's worth visiting one of London's most iconic record stores.

Reckless Records

was the first record store to open its doors on Berwick Street, in Soho, in 1984 and appeared on the cover of the album What's the Story Morning Glory by Oasis. While visiting the National Maritime Museum on Park Row in Greenwich, you'll find some cultural attractions nearby. Position yourself on the nearby Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory, travel the universe at the Peter Harrison Planetarium while enjoying the commentary, or visit the Queen's House. It's an exciting time for the National Maritime Museum itself, with the opening of four new galleries on September 20: Tudor and Stuart Seafarers, Pacific Encounters, Polar Worlds and Sea Things.

The May Fair Hotel

, 70 Stratton Street, Mayfair, W1J 8LT.

These are just 20 of many reasons why London is one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the world. Despite relentless German bombing campaigns during World War II and The Great Smog of the following decade which claimed thousands of lives, London has continued to develop and prosper. New structures emerged from ashes while this cosmopolitan city grew increasingly multicultural. This is a city with a rich history and a seemingly endless variety of architectural styles, museums, languages and cuisines. As Dr. Samuel Johnson jokingly put it in 18th century: when someone “is tired of London” he is “tired of life” because in London there is everything that life can offer.

Around 27% of Londoners live in poverty -the highest rates in UK- while research shows that London also has some of biggest disparities in cultural participation. The Mayor's London Plan -the capital's spatial and urban development strategy- has a chapter dedicated to new policies to safeguard and grow culture and heritage in London. A third of all archives in UK are located here including The National Archive, which dates back to 11th century and conserves The Domesday survey of William The Conqueror. London has played an important role in countless films from A Clockwork Orange to Harry Potter; it is third busiest film production center in world with more than 14000 “shooting days” including 24th Bond film Spectre shot here at City Hall. London is a lively and trendy city where things happen; it is often a leader in art music and fashion. Together The Mayor's London Plan and The Cultural Strategy incorporate principle of good growth into all initiatives including creative business zones areas designated to help artists and creative companies take root and thrive.

London has more than 192 museums

, including 11 national museums such as The British Museum, home to thousands years of culture including The Rosetta Stone (196 BC). C.).

If your dark side longs to follow footsteps of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn head to The Tower Of London. Over past 10 years London-based artists Adele Coldplay Pink Floyd and Amy Winehouse (RIP) have been best-selling recording artists in world; Wilton's Music Hall is oldest surviving Music Hall in world built in 1743 which remains living piece of London's musical history. With more international students than any other city in world -and former resident students such as Mahatma Gandhi Eleanor Roosevelt or Vincent Van Gogh- London is fantastic place to study. They are demographic but also geographical: some urban centers outside London have large populations but with very poor artistic and cultural offer. From Tate Britain to The Tower Of London; from Reckless Records to The British Museum; from The National Maritime Museum to Wilton's Music Hall; from The Royal Observatory to The Queen's House; from The May Fair Hotel to The National Archive; from Adele Coldplay Pink Floyd Amy Winehouse (RIP) to Mahatma Gandhi Eleanor Roosevelt or Vincent Van Gogh; there are countless reasons why you should visit this amazing city! With its vibrant culture rich history endless variety of architectural styles museums languages cuisines films music fashion art galleries record stores planetariums observatories hotels archives universities students there is something for everyone! So don't wait any longer: come explore London!.

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